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Prevents sagging breasts with bananas?

Prevents sagging breasts with bananas?

Who would have thought if the efficacy or health benefits of bananas in addition to the skin as well as to prevent sagging breasts. For those of you who have sagging breasts can try it at home.

Prevents sagging breasts with bananas?

Having sagging breasts will surely make women become less confident. There are several causes of breast no longer tight or loose, ie pregnancy, age, obesity, drastic weight loss or some other cause is unknown.

Banana Can Prevent Breast KendurBerbicara about breast forms, have healthy breasts and unbiased is the dream of every woman. Not infrequently, many women do in various ways in order to obtain the desired breast shape. Starting from the natural way to how terekstrim would be willing to do to get his wish.

While this is still the trend of doing breast implants. Though many safe way to get toned and beautiful breasts of course the natural way. One with a banana. As quoted from Bubblenews, that in fact you do not need to perform a risky procedure to tighten the breast. The reason, nature has provided tips to prevent sagging breasts so with bananas. The content of minerals and vitamin E on bananas have a property to soften and tighten the breasts sag with age.

Here are the steps to make a banana mask to prevent sagging breasts so that you can do at home:

Choose two young banana, then mash until smooth or blended into a paste so that a banana.
Add one tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of salt to the pasta bananas.
Apply a paste of banana evenly while doing massage gently.
After 15 minutes, rinse until clean breast using cold water. Avoid the use of warm water in the breast because the water temperature can change the elasticity of the skin around the breast.
The end result of this banana mask treatment will be maximized if done routinely. Do at least twice a week, accompanied by a sport that concentrates on training the chest.

Another thing to remember, not to spread the nipple. Therefore, the skin of the nipple skin is different from other areas in the breast.

So, if the nipple exposed banana mask, then it could make him participate enlarged and tightened so that the shape of your breasts became unbalanced.

Well, if you want to prevent sagging breasts naturally without complicated or bother to make a mask like the one above? Use only soap Biex ie soap breast fasteners. Read: Breast Firming Soap

The treatment is very easy and not complicated is not it? Natural treatment will not cause any side effects, whether you are interested in doing so? Good luck and keep health always.

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The country's best private health insurance plans

The country's best private health insurance plans

There are many countries that offer health insurance to the public. Here I will describe 7 countries with the best health insurance in the world :

According to Forbes magazine, 99.5% of Swiss health insurance For those who can not access private health insurance, the government subsidizes them. This prevents all individuals spend more than 10% of their income on health care. A Harvard study identified that the Swiss government spent 11.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for health.

In 2000, the WHO ranks first in France in terms of providing the best overall health care to its citizens. French citizens enjoy universal health care funded by the government through income taxes About 75% of health aya bi borne by the government. Rates of private doctors have been set by the government. Overall there are 3.37 doctors per 1000 people.

Italy has one of the public health system's best-privatized. -rata Average Italian man and woman lived until the age of about 80 years. Health care insurance is mandatory in Italy. If a person can not access the health care privatized, they can apply for a health management plan by the state. All medical care, including drugs, outpatient and dental care, subsidized.

All residents have equal access to health care. This system is funded by taxpayers and decentralized. Responsibility for the health care system lies in the federal government, county councils and municipalities. If people are not able to work and live in Sweden, the employer pays the wages of people concerned up to 14 days

Taiwan is one of the few countries in Asia that has one of the best health care system. All citizens are covered by insurance, paid by the government. Applying Smart Card, which requires all the information about the patient's medical history.


Germany has the oldest universal health care system in the world, since 1883 in the era of Bismarck. Health insurance was originally applied to low-income families and certain employees but is now also offered to virtually all residents.

Everyone covered by the health care system funded by taxpayers' money. Norwegian residents can also buy private insurance. There is a list of government doctors who could be chosen by the Norwegian population.

How to care for the skin naturally

 How to care for the skin naturally

How do I care for the face naturally? This is the question most of the women in the current era, shows that women now understand that back to nature (back to nature) in treating the face naturally more valuable than chemical treatments are mahal.Dan most of them also think using safer Bahami wear. But some women are also still vying doing facial treatment with expensive fees to have white skin radiant, smooth, bright, clean, healthy, glowing and fresh.

How to Take Care Face Looks More Radiant

1. Lime

    Lemon known for its inherent properties such as vitamin C and have the ability to make the skin pores become more tightly around the face, and able to give smoothness to the skin and can be more glowing. How to use it is very easy you just divide into 2 parts orange then squeeze the juice and apply on the face and then let it dry and then wash with warm water and in one after another a few minutes later with cold water for final washing.2. Apples

   Apple is very good for reducing the oil content out in the face so that the face looks fresh and moist, the way is also very easy. Do you live blender blenderan Aple then apply to your face before. Try not to mix with water and then rinse with clean water.

3. Tomatoes

   Tomatoes are able to eliminate all kinds of diseases ranging from blackheads, acne and various black spots vitamin content for skin really can make the skin more healthy. How to use it is also quite easy to stay blender and apply the same with apples earlier.4. Bananas

   Bananas are able to provide moisture to your skin, the content contained in bananas can nourish the skin with the maximum. If you want to get more then you should be mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey.
Caring for Oily Face and Dull.

1. Masks Bengkoang

   Prepare bengkoang and wash thoroughly. The skin peeled and then grated yam. Squeeze the grated and take the water disposed of in bowls or cups and discard the waste. Allow the juice result was a moment, let it settle to the bottom of the container. Discard the water and sediment grab. The precipitate that is used as a mask bengkoang.

2. Papaya

   Papaya green or orange can be efficacious brighten the skin. Green Papaya contains the enzyme papain which is ideal for skin whitening. Way, take a tablespoon of green papaya (papaya are still hung) that have been smoothed, and a tablespoon of ripe papaya, mix. Apply on face and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. Do this every day for optimal results.

3. Potatoes

   Potatoes turned out to be useful to whiten the skin, you know. Potato juice can be used as a natural bleach for our skin. The trick, grate the potatoes and add a teaspoon of honey, mix and apply on face and neck skin. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. This herb is suitable for all skin types.
How to take care Face To White Clean and Younger.

 1. Avocado Oil

    Many women are lazy to clean the face before going to bed, because it was already so tired. Well, avocado oil can help you who do not have time to wash your face before bed. The avocado oil effectively help remove the remnants of makeup. After removing traces of makeup, use paper towels to absorb excess oil left on the face.

2. Sweet pepper (Paprika)

    Paprika is one of the natural ingredients that are good for your facial, by making a mask of processed peppers you can whiten your face, which mask these peppers can increase the circulation of blood flow in the face. You can destroy (mem-blender) red or green peppers to produce a paste or cream as a face mask. Apply it on your face and then leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash your face with cold water. This natural cream with cells of your skin can be healthier and of course the natural white face can get.

3. Yogurt

   Yogurt kelambapan it can provide for your skin. By mixing a little honey and then apply on your skin, leave for 10 minutes then can be cleaned with water. Masks made of yogurt can smooth the skin of your face, of course, white smooth skin is the desire of everyone

4. Chamomile

   Chamomile tea was commonly used. However, this interest can act as natural ingredients to brighten the skin. Chamomile also has a lot of content to cope with swollen eyes. You only need to dip the tea bag into hot water, and let it cool. Then, put the tea bag in the eye. Do this for two weeks to see results.

5. Milk

   You must previously have heard about the benefits of milk bath. But if the milk bath is too troublesome, just use milk to wash the face. Milk has a lot of material that can reduce dark spots on the face, and improves skin tone in a perfect way. Pour a few drops of milk on the face wash cloth, then use the cloth to gently rub the face. Milk will remove dead skin cells that cover the face, and gave a new color.

6. Almond

    Almonds can help reduce the dark color of the skin, so the skin will look brighter. Natural and practical way to use almonds to whiten the skin is to mix almonds with milk and a little saffron. How, in the morning, soak 4-5 almonds and saffron in one segment of the liquid milk. At night, remove the saffron and almond puree in the milk to form a paste. Apply this mixture on the face and neck and leave overnight. After that, the next morning, rinse with cold water and wash. For optimal results, do it this way 2 weeks.